Impalas get back to winning ways

The Indy Impalas hosted the St. Louis Ramblers in a spring friendly this past weekend. Due to game planning and circumstance Indy went with a much smaller pack this week and it worked well. Levi and Evan were able to get Michael O’Hara up quick in the the line outs and win the majority of their line outs. John “Biscuit” Brumleve’s throws were spot on and allowed the Indy team to get fast ball.

Surprisingly the smaller Indy pack was able to win almost all of their offensive and defensive scrums. Joe Stuckey and Evan Roberts were able to provide a good solid push in the locks to allow Mike Barbosa to hook the ball and get it back to Donovan Bates for a couple of great 8-man picks. Flanker Adam Schmitt provided tons of great leadership and tackles against his old Ramblers teammates.

The backs worked well together as scrum half Michael Temple was able to get the ball out to AJ Hollingsworth, who slid right through defensive gaps. Chasz Banks and Ryan Barton were solid defensively in the centers with Barton providing his normal cut-you-in-half style tackling. Indy was finally able to get Ian “The Rat” Neberz the bleeping ball on the wing which he converted for a try on at least one occasion. Ivory provided another excellent game at wing proving why he deserves a starting spot. Jon “Shack” Little filled in admirably at fullback and showed what a guy with 26 years of rugby experience can do. The Impalas won by a final score of 48-0 and every player that came in played excellent rugby.

Dre and Beast kept things going in the forwards. Sam Wells played great minutes at prop and provided excellent defense. Steve-O was able to get there after his shift at GEICO and provide an offensive impact in 15 minutes or less. Peter and Paul (aka Rob Peter to Pay Paul, aka Bash Brothers) provided great tackles throughout the second half to keep St. Louis scoreless.

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