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Practice for Fall Season is Upon Us

The Fall rugby season has begun.


1st Annual Sifa 7’s Tournament

On July 16th the Indianapolis Impalas will host the first annual Sifa Sevens Rugby Tournament at Central State Hospital.


Roster and Meeting Place VS BSU

The Indianapolis Impalas will be traveling up to Muncie IN to take on BSU.


Ruggerfest Wrap-up

The St. Louis tourney came and went. Most of us laughed, and Kenny cried. Overall the trip was a good time. The impalas entered the social tournament missing a lot of its key players. And defiantly missed Butts in the boring city of St. Louis. But players stepped up and some good rugby was played. The impalas lost their first two games against the St. Louis Royals and Mizzu U. These games were definitely lost due to the fact that the team agreed to let Kenny try and coach during his blackout stint. But he bought us all shots so it was worth it. Saturday night was an overall success and Bluff bought Geno a drink, what a good man. Going in to the second day we faced the Sunday Morning Rugby team. The Sunday Morning team was very intimidating and big, but the not so sober team was lead out by captain Geno without any fear and ready for a win. Psycho Zach scored a huge try that was followed up by a huge and game-changing try by Super Sub Mike Peterson, who trucked about 8 players on route to a 5 yard run to put the game away. It was truly beautiful. Rat was finally able to hold on to a few balls and ran in a couple tries after the game was out of reach.


Impalas vs. SSI Match Report

Game number two of the Indy Impala


Indianapolis Impalas Vs. South Side Irish Roster

This Saturday, the Impalas will be heading up to Chicago to take on the South Side Irish. All players must meet at the McDonalds in Broadripple (1020 Broad Ripple Avenue) at 8:30 AM. We will be leaving no later than 9:00. Game time is 1:00 PM CST. Save the booze for Saturday night. DON’T BE LATE.



A Side Vs. SSI
1. Kenny Leffel
2. Zach Shutterly
3. Joe Walker
4. Pat Sawyers
5. David Butz
6. Geno Witchger
7. Brian Daniel
8. Mike Peterson
9. Mike Temple
10. Scott Peterson
11. Clinton Meehan
12. Dave Snyder
13. Jerry Woodward
14. Ian Neberez
15. Chung Wang
16. Joey Neberez
17. Nick Hinkle
18. Roger Kuk
19. Joe Stucky
20. Coco Beware
21. Zack Hahn
22. Joe Ramsby


Indy Vs. Blaze Post Game Match Report

This past weekend kicked off the beginning of the 2011 Spring season for the Impalas.


Impalas Vs. Blaze Post Game Social

Please join the Indianapolis Impalas at P.J. O’Keefe’s after Saturday’s match for great food and plenty of drinks.


Impalas Vs. Blaze Roster

The Indy Impalas will be playing the Chicago Blaze this Saturday March 19 @ 1 PM at Central State. Players that are listed on the A side should show up no later than 11:00 AM.


“Ruggers for Racks” Race for the Cure

Ruggers for Racks

The Indy Hoydens Women’s Rugby Club has asked us to join them in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. This is a great opportunity to raise money and help out a great cause. If you can not make the walk, please try to make any donation you can. By donating you are saving lives and anything will help. To get more information please click on the “Ruggers for Racks” link above.